Accept Bookings

The online bookings feature of will allow vendors to create and sell bookable products such as hotel rooms, gym sessions, consultations, equipment rentals, appointments and more.

Bookable products will allow vendors to define booking duration, costs, resources, people, calendar display and more. Vendors can manage their resources and their bookings.

Bookings Management in the Pro Dashboard


  • Add bookable products
    • Define duration blocks
    • Require confirmation and allow cancellation
    • Define availability
    • Define costs
    • Allow resources and persons as bookable
  • Manage Resources
  • Manage bookings
    • Confirm/Un-confirm
    • Update relevant information for bookings
  • View bookings calendar in month and day view
  • Vendors are notified via email of new bookings (email template provided)

More features are available based on the underlying functionality of Bookings.

Please Note: Vendors CANNOT create manual bookings, as this would require vendors to have access to the entire marketplaces customer list, including customers that aren’t theirs. This is a security issue and it was decided by design to not provide this functionality within the integration.

Please note: Bookings are limited to a single bookable product in an order at any one time.

You may choose the Bookable product type while adding a new product…

You may configure the duration, costs, resources & people for a Booking…

You may visit the Bookings tab in your Pro Dashboard to manage Resources

And View your Bookings Calendar, as well as confirm any Pending Bookings Orders

Customers Can View & Purchase your Bookable Products!